UAW Statement on Election Referendum Results


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Under the direction of the Court-appointed Monitor, UAW members voting in the Referendum opted to change to the direct election method of electing all International Executive Board members.

With just under 14% of total active and retiree membership participating in the vote, the UAW will seek to unify behind the new method of elections. It is time to move forward on behalf of the over 1 million members and retirees of the UAW in solidarity.

While the Court will need to provide final approval for the results of the Referendum, the International Executive Board will begin the process of working in unity with members, local unions and the Monitor in drafting the Constitutional changes, and implementing policies under this new method of direct election of officers and regional directors. Ultimately, all modifications to the UAW Constitution will be adopted by the delegates to the 38th UAW Constitutional Convention to be held July 25-28, 2022.

We are, and always will be, one union. We move forward together In Solidarity.

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