UAW reaches tentative agreement with Challenge Manufacturing to end strike


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Kansas City, Mo.– Over 300 UAW members at Challenge Manufacturing have reached their first tentative agreement to end a three-week strike.

“We congratulate UAW members of Local 710 at Challenge Manufacturing on their first contract after difficult negotiations,” said UAW President Dennis Williams.

Members of Local 710 at Challenge Manufacturing reached their first tentative agreement after the Michigan-based company located a stamping supply facility in Kansas City. “We welcome Challenge Manufacturing members into the Region 5 UAW family,” said Gary Jones, director of UAW Region 5.

“I would like to thank UAW Local 31 and UAW Local 249 along with the many friends and family of UAW Local 710 who aided members on the picket line,” said Jones.

Jones also thanked UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada for her great work helping to reach a contract that is fair for Challenge workers and the surrounding community.

“Challenge Manufacturing workers stuck together through difficult bargaining to achieve their first contract,” said Estrada. “The solidarity they demonstrated led to significant economic gains and workplace protections.”

Jones said the terms of the agreement will be released to UAW Local 710 members prior to a membership ratification vote.

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