UAW President’s Statement on MLK Day

UAW President, Dennis Williams

Decades after his death, The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. couldn’t have possibly known that we would remember his famous dream and his fight for civil and human rights.

The humble Baptist preacher, activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate believed everyone had a right to share the American Dream, whether it meant earning a decent living, being able to buy a home in any neighborhood or send a child to college – any college. Race, creed and color, rightly, were not part of the formula.

Those beliefs have always resonated with our union. From bargaining contracts, to supporting worker-friendly legislation, UAW members have long fought to ensure that workers, students, retirees, veterans and everyone else has the opportunity to earn a decent living for their families and communities.

Today, we continue to educate all workers on why unions still matter and why together we must topple the roadblocks in the path of workers who choose to organize freely at their workplace without intimidation.

The dream still matters and so does our fight. Both are parts of the legacy that makes our union strong.