UAW President Williams’ statement on Veterans Day


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We honor our veterans today. Across the country UAW members acknowledge this day, and that our union’s service to veterans is a year-round obligation.

From a variety of organized activities ranging from collecting and donating items for those who live in Veterans Homes to simply taking time on any day of the year to remember and acknowledge the hard sacrifices they’ve made, UAW members are there for veterans.

We always have been and always will be committed to our veterans, and we’re rightfully proud of that.

Today, as we remember veterans with events throughout the country, it’s also a good time to acknowledge that UAW locals have veterans committees that are mandated by our union’s constitution. It’s a way to honor those who have served us. Check out your local’s veterans committee. Get involved. Be part of the spirit of this union that never lets those who have sacrificed so much go unnoticed or unappreciated.

To all veterans everywhere:  You honor us with your service. Thank you.

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