UAW President Rory L. Gamble Statement on the first 100 Days of the Biden Administration and Advances for Working Families


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Detroit – Remarkably in 100 days, working families have seen our nation come together to embrace our differences, give voice to the voiceless, give fairness to working families, and restore confidence in a government that builds toward our economic future.

The stark contrast in these short months for UAW members and for working families is evident not just in big ticket items like economic stimulus and Covid-19 vaccine distribution, but in subtle fairness in government agencies from worker safety enforcement at OSHA to the rulings of the NLRB.

Government economic investment is focused on working families and generates a vibrant middle class economy from policies reacting to the Covid-19 crisis, to infrastructure and future manufacturing needs. Key to these policies is the understanding that allowing workers to organize and have a voice in the workplace builds and grows the economy.

For working families, the Biden Administration approach to foreign policy and the global economy creates certainty for economic planning and preserves efforts to level the playing field in creating jobs and core manufacturing of products here in the United States.

There is still much to be done. But the most promising thing for UAW families and working families is that their core needs, not those of Wall Street, are the key focus of American policy for today and for the future. It has been a remarkable 100 days.




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