UAW President Rory L. Gamble joins President Joe Biden at Ford Rouge Plant


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UAW President Rory L. Gamble greeted President Joe Biden at the legendary Ford Rouge plant to help launch the Ford F-150 Lightning. Gamble stressed that Ford Motor Company is doing this the right way with good-paying union jobs. Gamble pointed out that Ford is giving consumers choices between a gas-powered, hybrid and EV F-150 — a move that provides the best-selling iconic truck flexibility as technology changes. “What you see before you are the efforts of great teamwork between the UAW and Ford Motor Company. This is what teamwork can accomplish: Building world-class vehicles that meet the needs of America and are ready for the challenges that the new technology will bring for us all. And at the same time, protecting good-paying American jobs and the workers have the right to unionize and have a voice in the workplace,” said Gamble. UAW member Angela Powell, a forklift operator at Dearborn Truck UAW Local 600, introduced President Biden, calling him “a friend of UAW members and their families,” urging Congress to pass the American Jobs Act. In his remarks, Biden urged companies to deepen partnership with the UAW, “We need automakers and other companies to keep investing here in America and not take the profits of our public investments and expand electric vehicle and battery manufacturing production abroad. We need you to deepen your partnership with the UAW, pay good wages, support communities like Dearborn across the country.”


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