UAW President Ray Curry Statement on President Biden’s Visit with UAW Mack Truck and UAW Local 677 Members in Allentown, PA


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“President Biden returned to his roots Wednesday, not just in Pennsylvania, but with UAW Local 677 at the Volvo Mack Truck Lehigh Valley Operation. The President has made good on his promise to greatly strengthen Buy American standards and focus on using taxpayer money on American made goods while funding good-paying union scale jobs and benefits for American workers.”

“The President often quotes the lessons of his Pennsylvania father about respecting the dignity of a job and focusing public policy on ensuring those jobs are quality, good-paying union jobs. Joe Biden understands what it means to prevent companies from off-shoring those jobs and making sure that we reverse the trend, and that American taxpayer money is used to leverage the jobs that feed American families and communities for decades to come. Welcome, Mr. President.”

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