UAW President on President Obama’s auto plant tour Jan. 7


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UAW President Dennis Williams on President Obama’s auto plant tour marking the auto sector’s successful turnaround and the end of the government’s historic efforts to save the auto industry

The following statement by UAW President Dennis Williams can be used in whole or in part:

“Together, the members of the UAW, government officials of all parties led by the Obama White House, and the auto companies have shown how cooperation and shared sacrifice could take an industry from its darkest day to the economic bright spot of the international economy.

Through shared sacrifice members and consumers can benefit and it is our hope that both members and consumers can continue to reap the significant benefits of a prosperous industry that drives our economy.”

The remarks come as President Obama stopped in at Ford’s Michigan Assembly plant as part of a multicity tour to highlight his administration’s successes in preparation for his Jan. 20 State of the Union address.

The remarks also come on the heels of the Dec. 22 announcement by U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew of the final sale of Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) stock involved in the rejuvenation of the U.S. auto industry.

In all, the unprecedented work of the UAW, the auto companies and the U.S. government yielded $15.35 billion in profit. It also saved 1.5 million jobs and preserved $105.3 billion in personal and social insurance tax collections, according to a 2013 study by the Center for Automotive Research.

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