UAW President Gary Jones Issues Statement on USMCA Announcement


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“For a quarter century, NAFTA has been disastrous for working people in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and a gift to corporations offshoring good U.S. jobs. The true test of a new NAFTA agreement will be in whether it protects and enhances opportunities for the U.S. workforce and leads to higher wages and benefits for UAW members and manufacturing workers who have suffered for far too long. We think the idea and concept of the USMCA could have the potential to provide some needed relief for America’s working families.

Numerous details still need to be reviewed and resolved before making a final judgment on this agreement. New protections for working families and the closing of some loopholes for global companies seeking to ship jobs overseas are a step in the right direction but there is more work to do. We need to be assured that Mexico is going to fix weak labor laws and enforce new worker protections. We do not know what the USTR and Congress will do to make sure the words in the agreement are carried out. We need to review and resolve the details of the agreement when they are available to be sure that this agreement truly ends NAFTA’s legacy of shuttered factories and low wages.

Given the history of loopholes in NAFTA, the UAW will withhold final judgment until all the pieces are put in place in order to determine whether this agreement will protect our UAW jobs and the living standards of all Americans.”

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