UAW Parking Enforcers Hit the Streets Daily!


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Region 1D Local 2256 Lansing Parking Enforcement

These two UAW Members from Region 1D’s Local 2256 who work in parking enforcement have very different takes on the same job, but they both agree on one thing: the UAW has their backs!

If you’ve ever been given a parking ticket or worried that your meter was running out, fear not! These UAW members working as Parking Enforcement Officers are there to protect you by reminding you of the laws.

Often called “meter maids,” these incredibly nice people perform their jobs with varying degrees of spirit. It’s a tough job, an unpopular job, but someone has to do it. In this video, part of an ongoing web series called “We Are the UAW,” we show two different people cope with being a Parking Enforcement Officer.

Next time you’re on the street parking, please consider the hard working men and women who really don’t want to give you a ticket. They just want to help!

Want to see more “We Are the UAW” videos featuring the work UAW members do around the country? Check out the playlist on our YouTube page!

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