UAW members to rally for justice in 5 states at 7 Flex-N-Gate plants, including Warren, Mich., facility


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UAW members and nonunion workers will rally at seven plants operated by auto parts maker Flex-N-Gate Corp. on Feb. 13. The demonstrations, to be held simultaneously in five states, were organized to shine a light on the company’s treatment of workers at its nonunion facilities and in support of workers bargaining for new contracts.

The UAW represents workers at six facilities owned by Flex-N-Gate – a $3 billion global parts supplier to the automakers, including Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. But workers at several other plants, in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Texas, have been illegally fired or disciplined for attempting to form a union, according the National Labor Relations Board. The nonunion workers are also exposed to life-threatening hazards on the job. In the past eight months, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited and fined the company for dozens of serious safety violations at Flex-N-Gate nonunion operations.

Workers want to organize to gain a voice at the table and help make the company more successful.

In addition, UAW members at Flex-N-Gate union plants in Warren, Mich., and Belvidere, Ill., are currently trying to bargain new contracts. At both facilities, workers voted overwhelmingly to strike if necessary to achieve a fair contract.

What: Unite for Justice at Flex-N-Gate Rally .

Who: UAW members from Flex-N-Gate’s customer plants, Flex-N-Gate workers and community members.

When: Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2-4 p.m.

Where:  Flex-N-Gate Stamping, 5663 E. 9 Mile Road, Warren, Mich.

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