UAW Members Keeping You Safe in the Home


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The UAW represents more than just autoworkers. In this ongoing web series, we look into some of the unique jobs our membership performs daily. We are the UAW.

If you’re a business or home owner and ever needed to get a building or development permit, you may have been helped by one of our members at local 2256. In East Lansing, Michigan (home of Michigan State University), this is especially true.

Our members are proud to be part of the union for many reasons.  In this video, find out why from the perspective of a younger worker who has become active in a short amount of time and looks forward to continuing the UAW’s support of civil rights, especially in the support of the LGBT community.

Want to see more “We Are the UAW” videos featuring the work UAW members do around the country? Check out the playlist on our YouTube page!

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