UAW members head to Washington for immigration rally


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DETROIT – Thousands of UAW members from states across the country are heading to Washington today for a Wednesday rally on the West Lawn of the Capitol on the seventh anniversary of the largest mobilization for immigrant rights in recent history. This year’s rally is expected to draw tens of thousands of activists to urge Congress to finally act and pass immigration reform.

The UAW organized buses from several locations in Michigan, Chicago, Newark, Del., Baltimore and Hagerstown, Md., New York, Hartford, Conn., and Fredericksburg, Va. UAW members are also traveling to Washington from Ohio, Texas, Missouri, California and Pennsylvania.

“The UAW supports all workers and believes that their hard work should be rewarded with fair pay, yet so many get paid far less than they deserve,” said UAW President Bob King, who will be speaking at Wednesday’s rally.

“While CEOs get millions in bonuses for shipping jobs overseas, many working immigrants have no rights or protections to fight against employers who exploit their status. The UAW has always been a leader in the struggle to secure economic and social justice for all,” King added.

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