UAW Members Going to Puerto Rico to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Maria


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UAW members from across the country are scheduled to fly to Puerto Rico to help in disaster relief efforts on the island, the union announced Tuesday.

UAW members will leave Newark, New Jersey, today on a plane donated by United Airlines. Conditions on the island remain harsh, but our members are excited to go and help our fellow Americans in the commonwealth. Volunteers are prepared for a two-week commitment on the island and will stay at the San Juan Coliseum.

“Every one of our members who volunteered are ready, willing and able to do whatever they can to help, wherever they can,” UAW President Dennis Williams said. “When we ask our people to get involved in a crisis, they jump at the chance.”

You don’t have to be on the island to help its 3.5 million residents. UAW Region 9A, which includes Puerto Rico, is collecting donations online at If you prefer to send a check, make it payable to UAW Region 9A and marked “Puerto Rico Relief.” Address it to:

UAW Region 9A
1112 South Road
Farmington, CT

“The lives and the future of those on the island are in peril,” said Region 9A Director Julie Kushner. “Our members going to Puerto Rico to help out, and those in the continental U.S, are doing all we can to show them that they are not forgotten and that we stand with them.”

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