UAW Local 402 Issues Statement About Navistar Production


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Leaders of UAW Local 402 in Springfield, Ohio where Navistar builds heavy trucks issued the following statement today:

“Since September of this year, UAW Local 402 workers in Springfield have experienced over 300 layoffs and reduced truck production,” said Chris Blizzard, President of UAW Local 402. “At the same time, production of U.S. Postal Service Trucks has been shifted to Escobedo, Mexico. It’s flat out wrong and we thank UAW Region 2B Director Rich Rankin and UAW Secretary-Treasurer Ray Curry for pushing to return production to Springfield.”

Recently Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown also urged that production of the U.S. Postal Service trucks be returned to Springfield from Mexico.

“Here we are with politicians of both parties recognizing how wrong it is to shift our work to Mexico, yet under their watch production of U.S. Postal Service Trucks has been shifted away from laid off U.S. workers,” said Ed Zirkle, Chairman of UAW Local 402. “U.S. Mail should be delivered by trucks made by U.S. workers. We hope politicians of both parties in Washington will help fix this and put our members back to work.”

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