UAW Leaders Meet With German Labor Minister

Today, UAW President Gary Jones and Secretary-Treasurer Ray Curry met with Hubertus Heil, who serves as German Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. They spoke about automotive manufacturing in both the United States and Germany and about the importance of honoring the rights of workers. Below are statements from President Jones and Secretary-Treasurer Curry about the meeting:

UAW President Gary Jones

“Today’s meeting with Minister Heil is an important dialogue for all labor unions. German manufacturers play an important role in the worldwide manufacturing. Here in the United States that includes Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and many transnational parts suppliers. A strong labor commitment in Germany can help make these German-American manufacturing sites union as well. As we have seen in Chattanooga with Volkswagen and in Alabama with Mercedes, we as a global economy have much work to do to recognize the labor rights of American workers as they are recognized back home in Germany.”

UAW Secretary-Treasurer Ray Curry

“We came away from meeting with Minister Heil, impressed with his commitment to labor and human rights at a global level. In today’s world economy the actions of each of our countries can have a domino effect on labor rights and a dedicated worker voice in manufacturing and business. We believe there is strength in solidarity and we believe Minister Heil can be an important partner in setting quality and meaningful manufacturing standards across the world.”