UAW Joins Coalition to Put $15 Minimum Wage on Michigan Ballot this November


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Detroit — Today the UAW announces that it has joined a coalition of organizations working with One Fair Wage to put a ballot question on the Michigan ballot this November that will raise the overall minimum wage in Michigan to $15 an hour and end all subminimum wages for tipped workers, workers with disabilities and youth.

“This is an important change that will improve the lives of over one million working families in Michigan,” said UAW President Ray Curry. “It is long overdue and will mean that these workers are paid a fair wage to support their families which in turn will put more money back into the local economy.”

UAW Region 1A Director Laura Dickerson adds, “An overwhelming majority of people believe in raising the minimum wage, and it’s easy to see why: workers deserve the right to earn a living wage to support themselves and their families.”

The campaign is currently collecting enough signatures to put the measure to Michigan voters in November. “The conventional wisdom is that there is low voter turnout during mid-term elections. We think many voters will be eager to get to the polls to support improving economic opportunity for everyone,” said UAW Region 1 Director James Harris.

“Minimum wage laws exist to protect workers from being exploited.  If we don’t adjust the wage to reflect today’s real costs, then that protection weakens,” says Region 1D Director Steve Dawes.  “Given today’s tight labor market, this measure will also help employers because it will create longevity and bring down the costs of turnover.”

340,000 signatures must be collected by June 1 to get this question on the ballot in the fall.

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