UAW International Executive Board to Form a New Region in Fast Growing Western States


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Detroit – The UAW International Executive Board voted on Tuesday to create a new region in fast growing western United States.

The Board voted to change the composition of Region 4 and Region 8 to allow for a new Region 6 comprising: Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, and Alaska.

“Just in the past few years the UAW has been growing in the west including 17,000 new graduate student researchers at the University of California, with gaming industry dealers, and new opportunities in vehicle production, parts and suppliers,” said Ray Curry, UAW International President.

Under this IEB action, the Western States Region would have nominations for its regional director at the July 2022 Constitutional Convention and election for that position would occur with all other IEB positions and the newly established Western States Region 6 would exist on its own once the IEB election had concluded and its IEB member was sworn into office.  Until that time, Local Unions within those 9 states would continue to be serviced and reside within their existing Region 4 or Region 8 designation.

“The new Region 6 will comprise over 40,000 UAW members in an area where our union density and growth is high and we believe will continue with strong organizing growth in the future,” said Curry.

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