UAW Grows by Almost 15,000 New Members in 2017; 75,000 New Members Since 2009

DETROIT — UAW membership in 2017 grew by almost 15,000 members, the union is reporting in its Labor Organization Annual Report, Form LM-2, which was filed today with the U.S. Department of Labor.

The report shows UAW membership at 430,871 in 2017, compared to 415,963 in 2016. This marks the ninth straight year of membership growth.

“The state of the UAW is strong,” said UAW President Dennis Williams. “We are organizing and growing at a steady pace.”

UAW membership also climbed as a result of organizing drives in gaming, higher education, heavy truck and automotive suppliers as well as some more modest growth in auto assembly.

Williams, who will retire in June, has seen membership increase by 6.8% in his four years in office. Overall the union has grown by over 75,000 members since the auto industry recession in 2007-2009. The 2017 growth was the highest one-year new member growth since 2010.

“Over 50% of all organizing campaigns
were successful over the past four years”

Dennis Williams, UAW President

“Our bargained contracts reflect our commitment to grow our workforce and as a result even as auto assembly and other industries may become flatter in growth during recent years, contractual hiring goals continue to be met per terms of our agreements,” noted Williams. He added, “Over 50% of all UAW organizing campaigns were successful over the past four years. Yes, there were some high-profile challenges, but overall, we have succeeded more than we have failed in organizing campaigns and that is also reflected in our steady growth.”

The Department of Labor numbers do not reflect the total number of UAW members. Members not reflected in these numbers include those newly organized in the process of bargaining a first contract and those in the academic sector who are represented by the UAW but have not yet signed membership cards. Including those union members in the total brings the number to well over the reported number in 2017.