UAW, GM Open 2015 Contract Talks


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DETROIT — UAW President Dennis Williams, surrounded by UAW negotiating committee members and GM cars built by UAW members, officially began 2015 contract negotiations with General Motors today with a handshake with GM’s negotiating team at the UAW-GM Center for Human Resources (CHR).

UAW and GM negotiating teams will conduct contract talks at the UAW-GM Center for Human Resources. The current four-year labor agreement expireson Sept. 14 at midnight.

UAW President Dennis Williams noted the importance of bridging the gap for entry level and legacy employees. “We’re doing more than shaking hands today,” said Williams. “We understand the value of the fact that we, together with the corporations, created a very good profit-sharing program that has paid off for the company, stockholders and the working families of the UAW. After the last two bargaining periods, UAW members made a lot of sacrifices to help GM achieve prosperity. Now, we feel like it’s our time,” said Williams. “Our goal is for GM to prosper, for shareholders and consumers to win and for all UAW members to share in the prosperity of their achievements. We can all win.”
UAW Vice President for General Motors Cindy Estrada said when UAW members win, all working people win. “When UAW members succeed, it lifts our community’s economies and our state economies. Bridging the gap to prosperity for all is essential to not only UAW members, but to the country’s manufacturing economy,” said Estrada. “The decisions we make will impact the lives of tens of thousands of families, will affect the strength of communities and set the tone for American working families for years to come. The stakes are high.”

Collaboration between the UAW and General Motors, through collective bargaining, has greatly benefited both American working families and General Motors since the last round of talks, including an approximate $6.6 billion North American profit for 2014, roughly 10,000 added jobs, and these investments:

$520 million for tooling and equipment associated with new vehicle programs to be announced later at GM’s Lansing Delta Township Assembly plant, with approximately 1,900 retained jobs.

$139.5 million for body shop and stamping facility upgrades at our Warren Pre-Production Operations, retaining approximately 200 jobs.

$124 million for a regular tryout stamping press and building addition at GM’s Pontiac Metal Center

$174 million at Fairfax Assembly to support the launch of the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. Facility improvements include a new door line, a simulator to test road conditions and a revolver wheel for connecting the transmission to the engine.

$439 million at Bowling Green Assembly for facility upgrades, including a new paint shop, retaining 150 jobs.

$175 million investment for new tooling and equipment for Chevrolet’s sixth-generation Camaro.

$119 million in tools and equipment to support production of future vehicle components at its Grand Rapids Operations, creating approximately 300 future jobs.

$245 million in Orion Assembly for a new vehicle program to be named later.

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