UAW Files a Petition for Election at Ultium Cells, LLC


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Detroit, MI — Today, the International Union, UAW filed a petition for election with the Cleveland office of the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of approximately 900 workers at Ultium Cells, LLC in Warren Ohio.

“A majority of Ultium workers have signed cards authorizing the UAW to represent them,” says UAW President Ray Curry.  “By refusing to recognize their majority will, Ultium – which is a joint venture between General Motors and LG Energy Solution – has decided to ignore democracy and delay the recognition process.  Make no mistake:  whether it is by card check or union election, these workers will be members of the UAW.”

Ultium previously indicated a willingness to recognize the majority will of the workers based on authorization cards.  Over several months, the company participated in meetings and discussions with the UAW about a process for certifying the UAW’s majority status without going through an NLRB election.  “Despite the UAW engaging in good faith discussions, it is clear now that the company’s strategy was to delay and deny workers union representation for as long as possible,” adds Region 2B Director Wayne Blanchard.  “The UAW filed the petition today so workers can get on with forming their union without any further delay.”

“We had hoped Ultium would have done the right thing so we can get on with the business of bargaining and addressing the serious health and safety issues in the plant,” says George Goranitis a Lead in the Electrode Department. “This decision by Ultium reminds every one of us why we need to form our union as the company does not care about our interests.  We are ready to win our election.”


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