UAW & FCA US Donate 2 Trucks to Food Bank of Eastern Michigan


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The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan has worked tirelessly to provide water to the residents of Flint ever since its water supply was contaminated.

“The food bank has put out 12 million pounds of water in three months”, said Bill Kerr, president of Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

“You guys have come out here from the UAW and took it in your pick-up trucks,” Kerr said. “We’ve rented semis, and we’ve done everything we could.”

Today, the UAW, working together with FCA, has stepped up once again to assist the food bank by purchasing two Navistar trucks to help bring even more food and water to Flint.

In front of an audience of 50 supporters, two large Navistar trucks rolled down the driveway and posed in front of the food bank building. The trucks each displayed food bank logos on both doors and a “donated by” sticker with the logos of the UAW and FCA above the front wheel wells.

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“These are refurbished, almost like brand-new trucks that we’re able to get and donate here today,” said UAW Vice President Norwood Jewell, director UAW Chrysler Department and the union’s Heavy Trucks Department.

“It’s wonderful to be surrounded by the spirit of giving,” said Gerald Kariem, director of UAW Region 1D, which includes Flint. “The food bank along with Fiat Chrysler and the International Union worked together for the greater good of this community.”

The new additions to the food bank delivery fleet will help make an immeasurable impact on the speed in which it delivers food and water to those most in need.  And with the water emergency still in effect, these trucks couldn’t come at a better time to serve a community in desperate need of relief.

“I hope you’re as proud as I am of what we’ve done together, the UAW and FCA, to make this day happen and to help out the Food Bank the way they’re helping out the communities,” Jewell said to those gathered.

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