UAW Members in Pennsylvania Announce United Support of Wolf and Stack in Nov. Election


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UAW Endorses Wolf and Stack

Workers from UAW Regions 8 and 9, which cover the entire state of Pennsylvania, are pleased to jointly announce the endorsement of Tom Wolf for governor and Michael Stack III for lieutenant governor.

“After watching the stagnation of good jobs that support middle class families, our Pennsylvania members in Region 8 are proud to join with Region 9 in the endorsement of Tom Wolf for governor and Mike Stack for lieutenant governor,” said UAW Region 8 Director Ray Curry. “It is time that the suffering by the middle class ends. We feel confident that under the leadership of Tom Wolf and Mike Stack working families across the entire state will see these opportunities.”

“We are proud to support Tom Wolf for governor and his running mate for lieutenant governor, Mike Stack. After four years of an anti-worker agenda from the Pennsylvania governors’ office, our members in UAW Region 9 in unity with UAW Region 8 are prepared to win back this office in order to regain respect and dignity for all working men and women in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” said UAW Region 9 Director Terry Dittes.

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