UAW Endorses Michigan Supreme Court Justices

DETROIT – The UAW today issued endorsements for Megan Cavanagh and Sam Bagenstos for Michigan Supreme Court Justices.

“After careful screening UAW members believe that Megan Cavanagh and Sam Bagenstos will judge with integrity and sensitivity to the working men and women of Michigan,” said Dennis Williams President of the UAW.

Bagenstos is a nationally respected litigator of civil rights cases.

A Harvard Law School graduate, Bagenstos clerked for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, served as the number 2 official in the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights division under President Barack Obama and is a Professor at the University of Michigan Law School specializing in Constitutional and Civil Rights.

“Sam Bagenstos is one of the most respected legal minds in the areas of Civil Rights and Constitutional laws. Michigan has an opportunity to elect a Justice whose legal knowledge is nationally recognized and who will ground the Michigan Supreme Court in solid decision making for working families,” said Williams.

Cavanagh has served as Chair of the Appellate Practice Section of the State Bar of Michigan and as a council person for the Negligence Section. She has served many years as co-chair of the Michigan Bench Bar Appellate Conference Foundation. Cavanaugh is also a member of the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, charged with the responsibility of ensuring that attorneys maintain the highest standards of representation for their clients, other litigants, and the legal system.

She is the daughter of former Justice Michael Cavanagh, the longest-serving appellate jurist in Michigan history.

“Electing Megan Cavanagh will provide the Michigan Supreme Court with strong ethical leadership and a clear understanding of how cases impact Michigan’s working families,” said Williams. “The Cavanagh name is legendary in Michigan’s judicial system for integrity and fair-minded rule of law. And Megan will continue that tradition of integrity and protection of working families.”

UAW ballot issue endorsements are achieved through the UAW CAP program which involves members in Michigan’s three UAW Regions 1, 1A and 1D. “UAW members are directly involved in the endorsement process,” said Williams.

“The UAW has over 135,000 active members in Michigan and hundreds of thousands of retirees. “At the UAW we fight for a voice in our contracts and in the halls of the Legislature and Congress. These ballot issues do the very same thing for each and every citizen.”