UAW Endorses Gretchen Whitmer for Reelection as Governor of Michigan – Lt. Gov. Gilchrest, A.G. Nessel and S.O.S. Benson also Get Nod

Detroit – The UAW International Union announced its endorsement of Gretchen Whitmer as Governor of Michigan citing her strong commitment to working families, the Michigan manufacturing economy and UAW members.

“Despite challenges like the pandemic, Gretchen Whitmer has brought new auto jobs, kept Michiganders safe, fixed roads and made the largest K-12 school investment in the state’s history,” said Ray Curry, President of the UAW.

The union also endorsed Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist, Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

“This is a strong unified ticket for working families,” Curry noted. “Under the Whitmer administration, each of the Detroit-3 has made major investments in Michigan auto manufacturing including the new Stellantis plant in Detroit, GM’s investment in Factory Zero and throughout the state and Ford’s new Lightning plant at the iconic Rouge plant.”

Whitmer has also not raised taxes while lowering costs for working families. In addition, UAW retirees would benefit directly from a proposed roll back of the retirement tax which would put an additional $1,000 back in the pockets of UAW families.

“When you look at the totality of what Governor Whitmer and Lt. Governor Gilchrest have achieved for UAW families and retirees, it is a long-term investment in UAW members job security and future work,” said Curry. “Governor Whitmer has built 13,000 lane miles of roads, over 900 bridges and employed over 82,000 Michiganders through her infrastructure program. And she isn’t done proposing the Building Michigan Together Plan to continue to invest in state infrastructure and jobs creation.”

Region 1A Director Laura Dickerson said that in the Whitmer Administration’s first term, over 20,000 auto jobs have been created as well as many other high-skill, in-demand jobs in fields ranging from semiconductor chips to software to agriculture. “It is clear from Gretchen Whitmer’s record, that despite challenges like the pandemic, this term of office has created both jobs and future job opportunities that position Michigan as a leader in the auto and manufacturing sectors for decades to come,” said Dickerson. “It is clear from Governor Whitmer’s record on jobs and job creation that UAW members benefit greatly from her leadership.”

Nessel has cracked down on human traffickers and sexual predators while providing resources to victims; investigated Eli Lilly for excessive insulin prices and successfully argued against repealing the Affordable Care Act; and fought off numerous frivolous lawsuits that aimed to overturn the lawful results of the 2020 election.

“Dana Nessel has put the interests of Michiganders first as the chief law enforcement officer of the state,” said Region 1 Director James Harris. “She deserves reelection for her independent determination to do what is right first and foremost for all of us in Michigan.”

In Bensen, Region 1D Director Steve Dawes said that she has worked hard to streamline the department’s services for all Michiganders and protect voter access and the voting process.

“Secretary Benson transformed Secretary of State offices and now everyone gets in and out in an average of 20 minutes or less,” said Dawes. “She has doubled the number of services available online, at self-service stations and at grocery stores making government both more convenient and more accessible to all of us. And she has been remarkable in protecting the voting rights of every American citizen in Michigan in the highest turnout election in state history.”

The UAW endorsement process involves rank and file members participating through their local union CAP programs in all three Michigan Regions as members review the candidates’ records.