The UAW Endorsement Process


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This week, we’ve heard a lot from UAW members about the presidential election. The engagement – even when we disagree – is healthy and an important part of the democracy of our union. One theme that comes through from all points of view is the importance of electing a president who UAW members have an important choice to make in this fall’s general election when they choose who they want to be our next U.S. president. The UAW has waited patiently for the presidential primary process to run its course and, at this stage of the process, it is time to unify behind one candidate as the November election draws closer. The best candidate for UAW members and their needs is Secretary Clinton.

“Senator Sanders helped frame the issues and has a great record. But at some point the reality of the numbers in this process, and the need to unite behind what is best for our members, matters,” said UAW President Dennis Williams. “That time is now,” he said.

“The primary process is at a point where it is time to unify and choose between two good UAW friends. Our UAW regions have gone through an extensive process of surveying our members. Each regional director took the time to listen to their membership and give input into the campaign season,” said President Williams. Now, it’s time to unify behind one candidate.

The choice is clear on which candidate is best. UAW members benefit when our president wants to raise incomes for hardworking Americans, and make equal pay, paid family leave, earned sick days, fair schedules and quality, affordable child care a reality for all workers. We need a president who protects retirement security and good-paying manufacturing jobs, opposes the TPP, and wants to aggressively combat trade violations. Our members need a president who is focused on creating tax incentives for our hardest-hit manufacturing communities and supports training for America’s workforce.

Last year, the UAW sent Donald Trump and all presidential candidates a questionnaire to give them the opportunity to seek our support based on their policy positions. Donald Trump never responded to us. In fact, he has said publicly that our members should compete with Mexico by taking lower-paying, nonunion jobs. Is that a candidate who is looking out for your interests? It’s not. That is why it’s time to unify behind a candidate who fights for hardworking Americans. That candidate is Secretary Clinton.

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