UAW Delegates Get Fired Up at DNC Day 3: Live Blog


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11:59 PM — DNC Day 3 Evening Session Roundup

Love Trumps Hate at the DNC

On a day when Republican nominee Donald Trump once again put his foot in his mouth suggesting Russia eavesdrop on Hillary Clinton, Independent former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg powerfully endorsed Clinton stating to other Independent voters that we “need a President who is a problem solver not a bomb thrower” and that “Donald Trump is a risky, radical choice and we can’t afford to make that choice.”

Despite Trump’s divisiveness, for Democrats Wednesday was a day of hope as speaker after speaker discussed solutions to massive problems of national security, poverty, violence and economic justice.

Whether hearing from Flint Mayor Karen Weaver dealing with the poverty effects of a Republican government created lead water poisoning; or survivors of violence in Orlando, Charleston, Sandy Hook and Gabby Giffords, speakers gave life to a nation tired of gridlock and ready for Hillary Clinton’s solutions, not Trump tweets.

But there was hope on the dais as well, as Motorcity Mayor Mike Duggan spoke of the revitalization of Detroit with a diverse population of young and old, immigrant and ethnic, gay and straight. There were military and defense experts outlining the broad contrast of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy strength and Donald Trump’s inexperience and bluster.

And in a night of political star power it was capped by emotional speeches by Biden, Kaine and Obama.

For Biden there was the patriotic optimism of a tearful “Middle Class Joe” who spoke of President Obama’s “honor resolve and character” and thanked America for his eight years of experiencing the “unbreakable spirit” of the nation’s middle class dream.

Kaine, nominated earlier Wednesday, introduced himself to the nation urging America to “battle against the dark forces of division” and praised Hillary Clinton as a consistent champion of “kids and families” in America throughout her life.

For President Obama, the tears were in the audience as delegates honored the man who helped save the auto industry; who focused on people over politics and polls; who pushed forward on health care, financial reform, tolerance and equality for all Americans.

“There has never been a man or a woman more qualified – not me, not Bill — than Hillary Clinton to serve as the President of the United States of America,” President Obama told delegates. “America is already great. America is already strong. And I promise you our strength and our greatness does not depend on Donald Trump,” he said of Trump’s declaration in Cleveland last week that “I alone can fix it.”

Up Thursday: UAW President Dennis Williams and Bernie Sanders address a breakfast crowd Thursday morning and Hillary Clinton makes a historic speech.

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