UAW decries Mich. court decision on right to work


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DETROIT — The UAW remains undeterred by today’s 2-1 Michigan Court of Appeals decision that the state’s new public-sector right-to-work law applies to state classified employees.

“The Court of Appeals’ decision is flatly inconsistent with decades of precedent on the Civil Service Commission’s power under the state constitution,” said UAW President Bob King.

“Like so many decisions in our state under Republican control, this decision is purely political and is not based on our constitution or the best interests of Michigan’s citizens and working families,” King added.

“We are deeply disappointed by the court’s ruling, which, if it stands, will undermine Michigan’s constitutional protections for state workers,” said UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada, who directs the union’s Public Sector Department.

“The Civil Service Commission has sole jurisdiction over state employees’ conditions of employment under the state constitution, and this decision abrogates the commission’s authority,” Estrada added.

“The decision ignores decades of case law establishing the Civil Service Commission’s authority,” said UAW Local 6000 President Ed Mitchell, who represents 17,000 Michigan state employees. “We fundamentally disagree with the appellate judges’ reading of the constitution in this matter.”

The UAW is reviewing its options, including filing an appeal.

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