Trump Does Not Stand with Workers


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UAW President Dennis Williams says it’s important to take seriously what a presidential candidate says. What Donald Trump has said on the campaign trail should be concerning for UAW members and America’s working families. “When candidates are seeking worker’s support, you really pay attention to what they say. What Donald Trump said in Michigan caught our attention,” said President Williams. “Trump said we should close plants here and move them to a low-wage state to compete with Mexico. Then, when workers want their jobs back, they will agree to work at a lower wage. I don’t know how that’s helping the middle class or helping American workers. It’s certainly not helping UAW members. That’s the wrong kind of leadership,” he said.

Last year the UAW sent Donald Trump, and all candidates running for president, a questionnaire to give them the opportunity to seek our support based on the policy positions they take. Donald Trump never responded. The UAW shouldn’t endorse a presidential candidate who can’t be bothered to answer our questions about where they stand on issues such as collective bargaining rights and protecting good jobs in the U.S.

“Trump says he’s going to make America great. What does that mean?” said President Williams. “With the comment he made here in Detroit, it leads one to believe that the way to bring jobs back is to lower everybody’s wages. One of the biggest issues in the U.S. today is inequality in wages. I have met people who work two jobs in order to make ends meet, working 60, 70, 80, 90 hours a week. In our society that’s what’s going on. So what are the details of making America great? I don’t want a president who has a good line. I want a president who has a line with the details. I want a president that will tell us what the details are. Trump has avoided the details. That concerns me,” said the UAW president.

“The UAW’s International Executive Board is very focused on this election and understands that there’s a time for unity for the best interests of our members, for all the working people of this country and for the best interests of our country,” said Williams. That’s why the UAW is calling for unity behind the candidate who will best represent workers, Hillary Clinton. The UAW did not rush to judgment on this endorsement. The UAW’s regions surveyed members, and each regional director listened to their membership and gave input into the campaign season. Now, the UAW endorses Hillary Clinton because of her support for UAW members, her lifelong commitment to the job security of American families, and her ability to unify and win in November. She has over 3 million more votes in the Democratic primary and over 1 million more votes than any candidate overall. Donald Trump’s statements show us he does not support the best interests of workers.

“This election for president is serious business, it’s not a game show. It’s not something that people ought to take lightly,” said Williams. The serious presidential candidate for workers this fall is Hillary Clinton.

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