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Her Story

HERSTORY Learning How to Tell Your Story for Personal and Union Leadership Development and Member Engagement and Action download the pdf of this workshop Inspiring political, social justice, and labor leaders all understand the value of storytelling to connect to people for action and engagement. Storytelling is a powerful component of leadership building. This workshop teaches participants the value of storytelling in developing union leadership skills for effective labor-management and union member relations. Participants will learn the value of telling their personal story to move others to action through identification of a goal and a request to the listener. Effective ... Read more

A Promise to Keep

Download the PDF of this workshop An emerging body of motivational material discusses the relative failure of people to keep the “goals” they set compared to the relative success they have of keeping the “promises” they make to themselves.  A defined promise that you make to yourself is a great way to self-motivate positive personal change and growth. Social scientific evidence exists to show that people generally have a deep emotional commitment to keeping the promises they make, and that the desire to keep a promise isn’t driven by a desire to “hold up their end of the deal.”  An economics ... Read more