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Stand in solidarity with working women and support #EqualPayDay

Around the web, organizations and activists are taking action to bring awareness to the challenges women across the globe face every day. Can you send out a tweet to highlight #EqualPayDay and show your support? [easy-tweet tweet=”Today I stand with women across the globe for equal pay in the workplace! #EqualPayDay” via=”no” hashtags=”#EqualPayDay”] o Today, April 4th, is #EqualPayDay. Join us on Twitter at 2-3 pm ET to speak out for #EqualPay & the #PaycheckFairnessAct! pic.twitter.com/h75zpZZGG5 — IAMAW (@MachinistsUnion) April 4, 2017 The #PayGap doesn't just impact women's take home pay—think about retirement, pensions, healthcare coverage & everything else! #EqualPayDay ... Read more

EPI: What is the gender pay gap and is it real?

The complete guide to how women are paid less than men and why it can’t be explained away Working women are paid less than working men. A large body of research accounts for, diagnoses, and investigates this “gender pay gap.” But this literature often becomes unwieldy for lay readers, and because pay gaps are political topics, ideological agendas often seep quickly into discussions. Read the full article on EPI.org >>>