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The Gig Economy is Undercutting Workers

Today’s app-based economy is great for consumers who want fast, convenient services and goods. Quick response requires flexibility from workers. But the on-demand work world of today can undercut employees as companies drive labor and other work costs to rock-bottom levels and offload unrealistic burdens onto their employees.  With a union, workers wouldn’t be forced to give up health care coverage or control over their schedules. They’d have a voice in minimizing the risks of “flexible employment opportunities” in today’s digital economy. Learn more about the impact the gig economy is having on workers at The Hill >>>

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch will weaken worker rights, favor corporate interests

  Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, has a long history of pushing an agenda that favors big corporations over working people. Would Weaken Worker Protections. Gorsuch opposes Supreme Court rulings that empower federal agencies to enforce worker protections. (Newsweek, 1/27/17) Fought to Give Corporations Greater Protections in Court. Gorsuch argued for courts to protect corporations from class-action lawsuits by individual consumers, even in cases of securities fraud. (Washington Legal Foundation, April 2005) Criticized Individuals Bringing Cases to the Supreme Court. Gorsuch criticized people who brought cases to the Supreme Court to protect their rights, calling it ... Read more