The Gig Economy is Undercutting Workers

Today’s app-based economy is great for consumers who want fast, convenient services and goods. Quick response requires flexibility from workers. But the on-demand work world of today can undercut employees as companies drive labor and other work costs to rock-bottom levels and offload unrealistic burdens onto their employees.  With a union, workers wouldn’t be forced

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch will weaken worker rights, favor corporate interests

 Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, has a long history of pushing an agenda that favors big corporations over working people.Would Weaken Worker Protections. Gorsuch opposes Supreme Court rulings that empower federal agencies to enforce worker protections. (Newsweek, 1/27/17) Fought to Give Corporations Greater Protections in Court. Gorsuch argued for courts to