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5 Jobs You Might Not Have Known UAW Members Do

Our union is made up of people doing many different jobs. We represent members in auto manufacturing, parts suppliers, agriculture implement manufacturers, casinos, state employers and many more. Here are 5 jobs you might not have known UAW members do: UAW Members Make Beer. Members at Local 9 in Region 4 at Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin make MillerCoors beer. UAW Members are Zookeepers. Members at Local 2256 in Region 1D care for animals at the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan. UAW Members Work in Bookstores: The Strand Bookstore in New York City is an iconic 85-year-old bookseller and ... Read more

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The UAW offers many ways to engage our members and the public with information, news, and even some entertainment. The UAW’s YouTube channel is one such social media platform along with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to do this.  If you want to select the UAW Legacy playlist, you can see videos and films about the history of the UAW.  Or perhaps you want the latest news from the UAW, then there’s a section for that, too. There’s a wealth of information here where you can learn about all the unique jobs that our members do in our We Are the ... Read more

UAW Members Are At NYC’s Greatest Bookstore – Strand

Region 9A, Local 2179 The Strand Bookstore in NYC is celebrating its 90th birthday this year. UAW Local 2179 has represented the employees at the famous Greenwich Village bookstore near Union Square since the 1970s.   Learn how the UAW has benefited employees at this famous bookstore.

UAW Members on the Job: Parking Enforcers

Jeremiah Lane, Parking Enforcement Officer in Lansing, MI Since 2015, Jeremiah Lane has been a parking enforcement officer in Lansing, Michigan.  He’s also a UAW member who, like workers everywhere, needs protection in the workplace. “You get used to the name Meter Maid very quickly,” said Lane. “Every curse word you could imagine I heard in my first week.  I’ve had bottles thrown at me, I’ve been spit at. You’re the bad guy no matter what because you’re giving parking tickets, but it would be anarchy if people parked anywhere they’d like and no one enforced the rules.” Some days ... Read more

UAW Members Are At NYC’s Greatest Bookstore – Strand

Region 9A, Local 2179 The UAW is many things to many people. Did you know that we are also Booksellers in Region 9A? Take the time to discover who we really are as a union.

UAW Parking Enforcers Hit the Streets Daily!

These two UAW Members from Region 1D’s Local 2256 who work in parking enforcement have very different takes on the same job, but they both agree on one thing: the UAW has their backs! If you’ve ever been given a parking ticket or worried that your meter was running out, fear not! These UAW members working as Parking Enforcement Officers are there to protect you by reminding you of the laws. Often called “meter maids,” these incredibly nice people perform their jobs with varying degrees of spirit. It’s a tough job, an unpopular job, but someone has to do it. ... Read more

10 Jobs You Didn’t Know Were Performed by UAW Members

Everybody knows that UAW members build cars, but here are 10 things we bet you didn’t know that UAW members do! 1. UAW members help people build their credit UAW members from Region 1 are Financial Advisers at Financial Fitness Centre in Windsor, Ontario in Canada. 2. We drive your kids back and forth from school UAW members are Bus Drivers at Christina School District in Region 8. 3. We help keep people safe UAW members are Sheriffs at Lucas County Sheriffs Department in Region 2B. 4. And we help keep people healthy, too Hospital professionals at Sparrow Hospital in ... Read more