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Detroit – “President Biden’s White House Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment recognized today a fundamental reality for working families across the United States – that we need to remove roadblocks to the ability to bargain the terms and conditions in their workplaces. Through comprehensive findings the Biden Administration points out that although 68% of all Americans approve of labor unions, there has been a steady erosion of the ability to join a union for decades as anti-worker policies and judicial decisions erode the ability to join a union. We can fix this problem through executive actions and Congressional ... Read more

Unions Put America First and Goal

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for Super Bowl LIV. The big game matches the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers and marks the first time these two have met in a Super Bowl. So how will the big game turn out? I’ve got the answer already. Because of the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) and the collective bargaining they have put into place, the men and women who represent both teams in jobs on the field and off, win. As does America. Before the guys clash helmets on the field, I want to talk a little bit about how critical union representation is ... Read more

EPI: How today’s unions help working people

Today is #EndPoverty day. One of the best ways to eliminate poverty is making sure all workers are unionized. The facts show that unions consistently bring down poverty rates. Decreased poverty raises wages for all, including minorities and women who are most affected by low wages. This study from the Economic Policy Institute has more >>>  

What are other union members saying about Trump?

You’ve heard how Trump doesn’t respect the workers who help him make his fortune at his Trump Hotel Las Vegas and Trump Taj Mahal casinos. Now, hear it directly from them. Here’s what Carmen Llahrull of Trump Hotel Las Vegas has to say about working for Trump: See what Charles Baker of Trump Casino thinks: Jeff Wise of Trump Hotel Las Vegas wants you to know about the real Donald Trump as an employer: Pete Battaglini of Trump Casino tells it like it is when it comes to working for Trump: Trump says he wants to make America great again ... Read more

Unions and the Fight for Civil Rights

The following article appeared in the Detroit Free Press and was written by UAW Vice President and Director of the National Ford Department, Jimmy Settles. As we celebrate Black History Month, it is important to remember the historical importance of organized labor to black workers and their families, and unionism’s continued relevance today. It was once legal to discriminate against minorities in hiring and wage equity. Even when it became illegal to discriminate against minorities in the workplace, bias against minorities was widely practiced and tolerated. Unions were at the forefront of the battle fighting for equal wages and an ... Read more