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How Union Women celebrate National Sisters Day

The first Sunday in August is National Sisters Day, and your opportunity to show your appreciation for that unique bond only sisters can understand. What better way to celebrate than joining with your fellow union sisters in the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW)? On March 24, 1974, over 3,000 determined labor union women and supportive feminists from across the United States convened in Chicago to create the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW). The UAW was a founding supporter of CLUW, which elected then-UAW Vice President Olga Madar as its first president. CLUW’s first convention established four goals that ... Read more

Happy International Women’s Day!

What will you do to make a better world for women and girls? Submit your #BeBoldForChange #IWD2017 action: and download a selfie card of your action and post on your social media: Also be sure to check out the new UAW Women section on UAW.org >>>

10 reasons why being union helps women

As we observe Women’s History Month we know that unions have done so much to improve the lives of women, especially when it comes to making sure they get the same pay as men for doing the same work. Collective bargaining agreements ensure that all workers get the same pay for the same work regardless of gender. Women in unions make more than nonunion women, especially Hispanic women who earn roughly $739 per week as a union member rather than $520 per week for a nonunion, Hispanic woman. They have much better pension plans and health care coverage than nonunion women. ... Read more

UAW Women’s Committee Publication

There are many different ways to use publications to support your local Women’s Committee work. Find one that works best for you. Create a: Flier Pamphlet Brochure Newsletter Circulate it: Weekly Monthly Quarterly Annually Communicate: Women’s Labor History Educational Opportunities/Resources Activities of Local Women’s Committee Accomplishments of UAW Women/ Recognition Events Download Example

How to host a diaper drive

Download a PDF Version of This Activity Imagine only being able to change your baby’s diaper once a day in order to make it last until your next paycheck. For an average infant, a healthy change of diapers is up to 12 times per day, and 8 for a toddler. For low income families, a baby can be in a single diaper all day long or longer. This increases the risk of skin infection and worse. Currently there is No “safety net” (WIC, Food Stamps, Medicare (except hospice) that pays for or provides diapers. Find a partner organization to donate ... Read more

Her Story

HERSTORY Learning How to Tell Your Story for Personal and Union Leadership Development and Member Engagement and Action download the pdf of this workshop Inspiring political, social justice, and labor leaders all understand the value of storytelling to connect to people for action and engagement. Storytelling is a powerful component of leadership building. This workshop teaches participants the value of storytelling in developing union leadership skills for effective labor-management and union member relations. Participants will learn the value of telling their personal story to move others to action through identification of a goal and a request to the listener. Effective ... Read more

A Promise to Keep

Download the PDF of this workshop An emerging body of motivational material discusses the relative failure of people to keep the “goals” they set compared to the relative success they have of keeping the “promises” they make to themselves.  A defined promise that you make to yourself is a great way to self-motivate positive personal change and growth. Social scientific evidence exists to show that people generally have a deep emotional commitment to keeping the promises they make, and that the desire to keep a promise isn’t driven by a desire to “hold up their end of the deal.”  An economics ... Read more

Organize a book club

What is a UAW Women’s book club? Of course you’ve heard of book clubs where people come together to discuss books, but what exactly is a UAW Women’s book club? UAW Women book clubs are ones where groups read books that empower and educate union women. The books recommended for our book clubs will be ones that strengthen our leadership skills and expand women’s roles within the UAW. Why organize a book club? Book clubs can teach valuable skills for union leaders such as learning how to articulate an opinion and present an argument. They also provide a great social ... Read more