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UAW Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Affirmative Action in Higher Education

Today, the Supreme Court upended 50 years of precedent to make access to higher education more difficult for students of color. Students of color often come from working class families and rely on higher education to access good jobs and stable careers. Access to higher education is a labor issue. This latest anti-worker, divide-and-conquer tactic from the Court seeks to block the pathway to good jobs both on and off campuses. The 100,000 UAW members working in higher education, from coast to coast, from the public to the private sector, stand united against this attack on working people. “Institutionalized and ... Read more

UAW President’s Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Glacier Northwest v. Teamsters

“While Corporate America cheers on another Supreme Court attack on workers’ rights, this ruling achieves nothing that would undermine the fundamental right to strike,” said UAW President Shawn Fain. “Our members’ fight for justice on and off the job won’t be slowed by a court ruling or by corporate greed. While we’re disappointed to see the US Supreme Court once again try to legislate away the rights of working-class Americans, the UAW remains ready to take action, when necessary, to raise the standard for workers everywhere.”

Statement on the Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett To the United States Supreme Court; Call on Her To Recuse Herself on Pending Political Issues

Detroit – “UAW members don’t ask for a lot from their government and their courts and what they do ask is pretty reasonable. They wake up each day, go to work, and ask for a government that protects their health and welfare, their right to decent wages and benefits, and their rights to collectively bargain a contract. That is why we have watched with alarm as the United States Senate ignored Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s last fervent wish that her replacement not become part of partisan politics. We have seen the leadership in the U.S. Senate alter precedent to rush ... Read more

Statement From UAW President Rory L. Gamble on the Passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

What a sad day for our nation and for all those who stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Ruth Bader Ginsburg blazed a trail for civil rights and women’s rights and the sanctity of our constitution in her 27 years as a Supreme Court Justice. No words can do real justice to her contributions to the highest court in the land and her contributions to our nation. To this courageous champion of women’s rights and worker’s rights and equality for all.  She was a light that shone so brightly on the constitutional rights of women ... Read more

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch will weaken worker rights, favor corporate interests

  Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, has a long history of pushing an agenda that favors big corporations over working people. Would Weaken Worker Protections. Gorsuch opposes Supreme Court rulings that empower federal agencies to enforce worker protections. (Newsweek, 1/27/17) Fought to Give Corporations Greater Protections in Court. Gorsuch argued for courts to protect corporations from class-action lawsuits by individual consumers, even in cases of securities fraud. (Washington Legal Foundation, April 2005) Criticized Individuals Bringing Cases to the Supreme Court. Gorsuch criticized people who brought cases to the Supreme Court to protect their rights, calling it ... Read more