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Statement of UAW President Ray Curry on Solidarity and Support During Thanksgiving

Many UAW members are preparing to enjoy their union-negotiated holidays this weekend. It is a time to gather with family and community to recharge, reconnect and reflect.   Part of our celebration should be remembering the power of solidarity and supporting everyone in our UAW family.  Right now, there are UAW members on strike at CNHi (UAW Locals 180 and 807 have been on strike since May 2), Harper Collins Publishers (UAW Local 2110 has been on strike since November 10), University of California (UAW Locals 2865 and 5810 have been on strike since November 14), and the New School (UAW ... Read more

Statement of UAW President Ray Curry in Support for Starbucks Workers Efforts to Join Workers United – SEIU and Have a Voice in their Workplace

Detroit – “It is not easy to stand up to your employer and demand a collective bargaining seat at the table for your workplace conditions, pay and benefits. That is why I support and encourage the brave baristas at Starbucks locations who are standing up for their voice in their working conditions. There are over 1 million UAW members and retirees and their families who benefited greatly from having the right to bargain at their workplace and we want the same rights for hard working Americans in all sectors of our economy. The organizing efforts of Starbucks baristas inspire and ... Read more

Supporting BCTGM Members on Strike at Kellogg’s

BCTGM members at Kellogg’s plants across the country have been on strike for more than six weeks, fighting for a fair contract. These sacrifices are never easy and we encourage you to show your support for our union brothers and sisters and their families. Check out the suggestions below:   VISIT A PICKET LINE – Here are their strike locations: Local 50G, Omaha, NE – 9601 F St. Local 252G, Memphis, TN – 2168 Frisco Ave. Local 3G, Battle Creek, MI – 425 Porter St. Local 374G, Lancaster, PA – 2050 State Rd.   WRITE A LETTER OF SOLIDARITY – Here are ... Read more

Support from Brazil for Striking John Deere Workers

Hear from Carlos Albino from Catalão, Goiàs Brazil show solidarity for UAW-John Deere workers on strike.


Korean Confederation of Trade Unions president Yang Kyeung-soo waves to supporters while police transfer him to a detention center. (KCTU / Labor and the World) Detroit – UAW President Ray Curry Wednesday, condemned the arrest of Yang Kyeung Soo, President of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) for exercising his free speech rights in South Korea.  President Yang was arrested on the morning of September 2 after police squadrons in riot gear surrounded KCTU headquarters and entered forcibly.  The South Korean authorities have charged Brother Yang with: –          obstruction of general traffic through demonstration, –  ... Read more

The History of Labor Day

You work hard. And when Labor Day hits Sept. 4 you know it’s your day to celebrate your role in making our economy strong while you provide for your family. Labor Day signals the unofficial end of summer with parades and barbecues and is a mainstay of American culture. But it wasn’t always that way on the first Monday of September. Labor Day started at the state level. New York was the first state to introduce Labor Day legislation. In 1887 Oregon became the first state to pass it. By 1894, almost 30 states followed suit. But it took a ... Read more