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Stand in solidarity with working women and support #EqualPayDay

Around the web, organizations and activists are taking action to bring awareness to the challenges women across the globe face every day. Can you send out a tweet to highlight #EqualPayDay and show your support? [easy-tweet tweet=”Today I stand with women across the globe for equal pay in the workplace! #EqualPayDay” via=”no” hashtags=”#EqualPayDay”] o Today, April 4th, is #EqualPayDay. Join us on Twitter at 2-3 pm ET to speak out for #EqualPay & the #PaycheckFairnessAct! pic.twitter.com/h75zpZZGG5 — IAMAW (@MachinistsUnion) April 4, 2017 The #PayGap doesn't just impact women's take home pay—think about retirement, pensions, healthcare coverage & everything else! #EqualPayDay ... Read more