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Miss the Final Presidential Debate Last Night?

We’ve gathered some of the most interesting Tweets from the debate last night: demos_weiger

Members of Congress Call for Fair and Free Elections, Champion TAs’ and RAs’ Right to Collective Bargaining

Community Petition Urging University Administrators to End Their Anti-Union Campaign Gains Momentum  NEW YORK – As support for graduate workers’ right to collective bargaining builds nationwide, more than 60 members of Congress today issued a statement urging Columbia University President Lee Bollinger and other university administrators in support of fair and free union elections. U.S. Representatives Bobby Scott and Jerrold Nadler along with dozens of other congressional leaders applauded the National Labor Relations Board’s recent decision to restore the rights of teaching assistants and research assistants to bargain collectively. “Collective bargaining between university administrators and the representatives chosen by TAs ... Read more

Region 1D Director Gerald Kariem on Trump visit to Flint, Michigan

“Running government like a business created the Flint water crisis, and obviously that did not work for Flint, and it won’t work for the rest of America,” said Gerald Kariem, director of UAW Region 1D, which includes Flint. “It is disappointing that the candidate who last year said he wants to ship auto plants to low-wage states and make the good people in Flint beg to get their jobs back at lower pay chooses to show up late in the campaign seeking their support.” Visit our new landing page on uaw.org to get the facts on which candidate really supports ... Read more

New member education landing page on Trump launches

 This year more than even past election years, there is a lot of political noise flying around media, online and in the workplace that can easily confuse fact from wild rumor in the Presidential election. The UAW today launched a fact-based program for members with a landing page on uaw.org to help sort out facts about Republican candidate Donald Trump. Like this one from an August interview with the Detroit News, “He said U.S. automakers could shift production away from Michigan to communities where autoworkers would make less. ‘You can go to different parts of the United States and then ... Read more

UAW Delegates Make History at DNC Day 4: Blog

SEE PHOTOS FROM THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION Follow us on Twitter @UAW for Live Updates! 10:00 AM – Video: Bernie Sanders makes it clear: Our work is not done when Election Day ends 8:00 AM – Video: Dennis Williams reminds delegates that “we” can win changes that help all Americans MEET THE UAW DELEGATES TO THE 2016 DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION Check out this roundup of DNC 2016 Day 3

UAW Delegates Get Fired Up at DNC Day 3: Live Blog

SEE PHOTOS FROM THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION Follow us on Twitter @UAW for Live Updates!   11:59 PM — DNC Day 3 Evening Session Roundup Love Trumps Hate at the DNC On a day when Republican nominee Donald Trump once again put his foot in his mouth suggesting Russia eavesdrop on Hillary Clinton, Independent former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg powerfully endorsed Clinton stating to other Independent voters that we “need a President who is a problem solver not a bomb thrower” and that “Donald Trump is a risky, radical choice and we can’t afford to make that choice.” ... Read more

UAW Delegates Get Active on DNC Day 1: Live Blog

See Photos from Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention Follow us on Twitter @UAW for Live Updates! 11:30 PM — DNC Night 1: A Message of Unity The first night of the Democratic National Convention was about unity. The prime time speakers laid out the case for the difference between Donald Trump and the types of campaigns Democrats are running across the country. Anastasia Somoza, an advocate for people with disabilities, spoke about how it made her feel when Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter. She gave a stirring speech that repudiated that kind of rude behavior on behalf ... Read more

Rally! Veterans Healthcare is Not For Sale!

Our veterans served our country with honor; in return, some members of a controversial congressional commission want to replace the comprehensive health care they earned with a coupon. We know that our veterans deserve better. That’s why AFGE’s President Cox and UAW members across the country are speaking out against the Commission on Care’s controversial “strawman proposal” to sell veterans’ health care to private, for-profit corporations. This commission is not only threatening the care our nation has promised, it’s also vying to privatize the vital work that union members do in caring for America’s veterans. We can’t sit idly by and ... Read more

Full Coverage of the Flint Water Crisis in latest Solidarity

See full coverage of the Flint Water Crisis in the latest issue of Solidarity magazine now. By now, you’ve heard about the Flint Water Crisis. If you haven’t, here’s a great timeline of events from the Detroit Free Press. In Flint and throughout the nation, there has been justifiable outrage over the decisions made by state elected and appointed officials in the handling of the water crisis. Because officials put cost savings ahead of the health of Flint residents, thousands have been poisoned, and several deaths are suspected due to extended and excessive exposure to contaminated toxic water. But, the ... Read more

UAW Members Travel to D.C. to Talk About Flint

Call Congress at 888-926-0045 to tell them to take action in Flint now! Yesterday, UAW members traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with their congressional representatives to demand action in Flint, Mich. after the water crisis that left that community without drinkable water. Their visit to the nation’s capital coincided with a congressional hearing about the causes of the crisis featuring testimony from Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy The gallery was not found! In Flint, Michigan and throughout the nation, there has been justifiable outrage over the decisions made by state elected and ... Read more