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Celebrate International Beer Day the Union Way

International Beer Day is a great opportunity to beat the heat with a summer brew. If you’re celebrating, make sure your drink is union-made! Below is a list of beers made and bottled by our union brothers and sisters, including members of UAW Local 9 at MillerCoors. ▶ Alexander Keith’s ▶ Bass ▶ Beck’s ▶ Black Hawk ▶ Blue Moon ▶ Budweiser ▶ Bud Light ▶ Busch ▶ Butte Creek ▶ Coors ▶ Coors Light ▶ Czechvar ▶ Dundee ▶ Duquesne ▶ Goose Island ▶ Henry Weinhard’s ▶ Hoegaarden ▶ Icehouse ▶ Iron City ▶ Keystone Light ▶ Killian’s ▶ ... Read more

Ohio MillerCoors brewery owes 26 years of roaring success to a unique union-management relationship

An Ohio brewery has a recipe to make America great again, and all it calls for is a dash of Midwestern practicality mixed with a healthy dose of worker empowerment. Sprinkle it with union-management cooperation and top it off with the secret sauce: trust. Read more on nydailynews.com >>>