Protest Donald Trump tomorrow at noon outside of Lansing, MI

Donald Trump is coming back to Michigan after his disastrous economic speech in Detroit two weeks ago. This time, he’s holding an event outside of Lansing. But no matter how many times he visits Michigan, we know that Trump would be a disaster for Michigan. He’s said that UAW members’ wages are too high and that auto companies should move factories out of Michigan to lower wage states (Detroit News, 8/12/15). We need you to tell Trump that his message of fewer jobs and lower wages is wrong for UAW members in Michigan.    Join us for a protest across ... Read more

Full Coverage of the Flint Water Crisis in latest Solidarity

See full coverage of the Flint Water Crisis in the latest issue of Solidarity magazine now. By now, you’ve heard about the Flint Water Crisis. If you haven’t, here’s a great timeline of events from the Detroit Free Press. In Flint and throughout the nation, there has been justifiable outrage over the decisions made by state elected and appointed officials in the handling of the water crisis. Because officials put cost savings ahead of the health of Flint residents, thousands have been poisoned, and several deaths are suspected due to extended and excessive exposure to contaminated toxic water. But, the ... Read more

UAW members announce their 2014 Michigan election endorsements

LANSING, Mich. – UAW members are pleased to announce the endorsement of the following statewide candidates for the November general election who will protect the rights of Michigan’s working families. The UAW’s endorsements include: Governor: Mark Schauer Lt. Governor: Lisa Brown Secretary of State: Godfrey Dillard Attorney General: Mark Totten Michigan Supreme Court: Richard Bernstein Judge William Murphy Judge Deborah Thomas Education Boards: State Board of Education: Cassandra Ulbrich Pamela Smith University of Michigan Board of Regents: Kathryn White Michael Behm Wayne State University Board of Governors: Dana Thompson Marilyn Kelly Michigan State University Board of Trustees: George Perles Faylene ... Read more