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A Tireless Fighter for Labor: May Reuther

When you think of the modern labor union movement, Walter Reuther first comes to mind. But dedicatedly working alongside him in the trenches was his wife of 34 years, May (Wolf) Reuther. Throughout it all, May served as Walter’s sounding board and personal adviser. Early in their lives, while Walter was focused on labor and auto workers, May was canvassing on behalf of educators via the American Federation of Teachers. A teacher herself when she met Walter in Detroit in 1936, the couple married soon after. Right before the wedding in March of 1936, Walter was fired from his job ... Read more

UAW Women’s History Month Spotlight: May Reuther

March is Women’s History Month. From the sit-down strikes of 1936-37 through the war years of Rosie the Riveter, from the postwar fight for jobs to today’s campaigns for pay equity and safe workplaces, women have played a key role in UAW history. Side by side, women and men are building a stronger union every day. We salute UAW women everywhere. Here’s the story of one noteworthy UAW woman: From the Reuther Photo Archives at Wayne State May Wolf was working as a teacher when she met Walter Reuther in Detroit in 1936. While Walter Reuther was trying to organize ... Read more