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LUCA Awards for Excellence in 2020

In today’s age of technology, information and communication play a vital role in the lives of working men and women.  Members turn to trusted sources of information to keep them informed of key events at their local, labor issues and well as political issues that may impact them directly and the political candidates that are fighting for them. Local Union Communications Association members work tirelessly, often donating hours of their own time to cover union events or writing articles using various platforms social media, photography, video, publications, websites, email, texting and more. LUCA members also spend countless hours training and ... Read more

The 2020 UAW LUCA Excellence in Communications Contests results are in!

Last week the 2020 UAW LUCA Excellence in Communications Contests Awards Show took place. The list of winners and judges’ comments are available here. Founded in 1978, UAW-LUCA helps UAW local unions produce top-quality, effective communications. UAW-LUCA provides information, training and communications materials for the union’s locals across the U.S., as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico, through a members-only cloud sharing, called the LUCA Cloud where materials can be downloaded and posted. Member locals can also get free training and assistance in setting up a free website through the UAW’s SolidWeb program. Through LUCA, members can share information about issues ... Read more

Stand up for working people this Labor Day and download the toolkit

On Labor Day, Sept. 4, America’s workers will be recognized and honored. This year it’s more important than ever to think about the power of organizing and why more workers are calling for a voice on the job. So many workers are facing attacks on wages, health care, retirement security and rights on the job. That’s why it’s important to not only enjoy being with family and friends on Labor Day, but to also reach out to them through social media about the importance of the holiday. Here are some tools you can use to spread the word about enjoying ... Read more

Communication is Key – LUCA helps us stay in the know

When local UAW members want to know what’s happening in their local and what the issues are that bring them together – like who the best candidate for workers is in the upcoming election – there’s no one they trust more than their union local. The UAW members who make that communication happen work tirelessly, usually on their own time, to bring it to their union sisters and brothers. Using all the platforms available to them such as social media, photography, video, publications, websites, email, texting and more, the UAW-Local Union Communications Association (LUCA) on Aug. 25 honored those hardworking ... Read more

Local communicators conference to focus on what’s at stake in November

UAW members are unique in that their local communications come from members in their local union. It’s one of the many ways the UAW is powered — by members communicating with each other. With so many ways to communicate today, it’s crucial local union members have the latest information wherever they turn. That’s why local union communicators gather once a year to learn the most up to date communications available and celebrate one of the strongest member-to-member communication networks in the country. Local union communicators from around the country will gather for the UAW-LUCA (Local Union Communication Association) Communications Conference ... Read more