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UAW Expands Stand Up Strike Against General Motors and Ford at Noon Eastern

DETROIT – UAW President Shawn Fain just announced on Facebook Live that the union will expand its Stand Up Strike against General Motors and Ford at GM’s Lansing Delta Township Assembly and Ford’s Chicago Assembly. An additional 7,000 UAW members at these two plants will join the strike at Noon Eastern Time. This brings the total number of Big Three strikers to 25,000 members at 43 facilities in 21 states. There was no additional strike action announced at Stellantis, due to considerable progress in bargaining moments before the broadcast. Following is an excerpt from Fain’s prepared remarks describing the status of ... Read more

New UAW Video on Combating Plant Closures Features Footage of Donald Trump Falsely Promising Autoworkers He Would Save Their Jobs

DETROIT – The UAW released a new video, “Hometowns,” about the union’s fight in negotiations to stop plant closures that have devastated communities across the Midwest. The video features 2017 footage of Donald Trump falsely promising autoworkers in Ohio he would save their jobs. The ex-president is holding a rally today at a non-union factory in Metro Detroit. The video can be accessed at this link, and the media is invited to use the footage. The Big Three have closed or spun off 65 auto plants over the last 20 years. “Hometowns” shows the damage those closings have caused and focuses on ... Read more

VIDEO: Message from UAW VP Mike Booth to Local 2250 in Wentzville, MO

Hello everybody at Local 2250. We’re here today with the 2023 national negotiators. We would like to thank you for when you were called, you led the charge to stand up and strike General Motors. This strike is about equal pay for equal work, job security, and most importantly, respect. Long hours, stagnant wages, lack of family time, lack of retirement security, double digit inflation have us all frustrated. Let’s talk about our storied history of the UAW. On November 9, 1947, at the 7th UAW Constitutional Convention, Walter Reuther spoke about our practical job. In this speech, he states: ... Read more

More Members Stand Up in Our Strike Against GM

Sept. 23, 2023 – Our national negotiators told GM they had to make substantial progress at the table by noon Friday or we would expand our Stand Up Strike. Unfortunately, the company kept moving slowly, so yesterday we called on members at the company’s 18 parts distribution facilities across the country to Stand Up and join our Local 2250 members on strike at Wentzville Assembly in Missouri. Even though we had to make this move, our Wentzville strikers have helped us take a critical step forward: We have won a serious victory at CCA and GMCH and have killed those ... Read more

UAW Expands Stand Up Strike Against General Motors and Stellantis

DETROIT – UAW President Shawn Fain just announced on Facebook Live that the union, at noon today, will expand its Stand Up Strike against General Motors and Stellantis at 38 locations across 20 states. On Monday, Fain had announced that the union would expand its Stand Up Strike against automakers that did not make substantial progress toward a fair agreement. Neither company did. Approximately 5,600 Big Three workers will join the approximately 13,000 who are already on strike. The union is continuing to strike Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich., but is not expanding its strike against the Dearborn-based automaker. The UAW ... Read more

VIDEO: Stand Up on the Job

Hi, UAW. I’m Ben Dictor, an attorney with Eisner, Dictor and Lamadrid and counsel to your union in these negotiations. As you know, thousands of UAW members at the Big Three are holding strong on the picket line and your national negotiators are hard at work at the bargaining table. But for those of you working under an expired agreement, there’s a lot you can do to help win this fight. Here’s how you can Stand Up on the job. Working under an expired agreement gives the union important leverage at the negotiating table. If you haven’t been called yet ... Read more

UAW President Shawn Fain Announces that Stand Up Strike Will Expand at Noon on Friday if Big Three Fail to Make Substantial Progress in Negotiations by the Deadline

DETROIT – In a video posted on the UAW’s social media sites, President Shawn Fain announced a new strike deadline of this Friday, Sept. 22 at noon. If Ford, General Motors or Stellantis have not made substantial progress toward a fair agreement, the UAW will call on more members to join the Stand Up Strike. The video can be viewed at the UAW’s Facebook page and YouTube channel and the media is invited to download and share it. Ford, General Motors and Stellantis all took more than a month to respond to the UAW’s Members’ Demands and failed to put ... Read more

UAW Releases New Video, “Corporate Greed,” on What’s Really Going on in the Auto Industry

DETROIT – The UAW just released “Corporate Greed,” a new video detailing what’s driving the ongoing strike at Ford, General Motors and Stellantis. It features dramatic footage from the union’s rally and march in downtown Detroit on Friday, when thousands of UAW members and supporters gathered on the first day of their historic Stand Up Strike. The video can be accessed at this link, and the media is invited to use the footage. The video digs down into statistics showing how UAW members were left behind as the Big Three funneled their extreme profits to CEOs and wealthy investors. Over the last ... Read more

Video: UAW Fights Back Against Corporate Media

DETROIT – On Sept. 7, the UAW released a new video that shows how some in the corporate media are parroting pro-company talking points in their reporting on negotiations between the union and the Big Three automakers. In the video, UAW President Shawn Fain debunks a Sept. 5 NBC Nightly News story claiming that autoworkers taking action will drive car prices higher. Fain notes that over the last four years the average price of a new car has increased by 30 percent while autoworker wages have risen only 6 percent. During that time, the Big Three have made massive profits. They made a ... Read more

Statement from UAW President Fain on GM’s Latest Proposal

In response to GM’s proposal submitted on September 7, UAW President Shawn Fain released the following statement: “After refusing to bargain in good faith for the past six weeks, only after having federal labor board charges filed against them, GM has come to the table with an insulting proposal that doesn’t come close to an equitable agreement for America’s autoworkers. GM either doesn’t care or isn’t listening when we say we need economic justice at GM by 11:59pm on September 14th. The clock is ticking. Stop wasting our members’ time. Tick tock.”