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Statement from UAW President Dennis Williams on the U.S. Election

The results are in and the American people have spoken. As a nation, it is time for us to once again unite for the common good of our country. We want to thank our members and retirees for their hard work during this democratic process. It’s obvious there is work to be done. We have high hopes that elected officials heard the American people loud and clear about trade, jobs, education and the inequality in this country.

Trump’s brand of change is bad for America

We’ve heard presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump say, over and over, he wants to “make America great again.” We think America is great and always has been. So, what exactly does Trump mean? It’s hard to know for sure. As UAW President Dennis Williams says, “What are the details of making America great? I don’t want a president who has a good line. I want a president who has a line with the details.” One place to find those details is in Trump’s actions and public statements about those who helped make America the great country it still is ... Read more

Trump Does Not Stand with Workers

UAW President Dennis Williams says it’s important to take seriously what a presidential candidate says. What Donald Trump has said on the campaign trail should be concerning for UAW members and America’s working families. “When candidates are seeking worker’s support, you really pay attention to what they say. What Donald Trump said in Michigan caught our attention,” said President Williams. “Trump said we should close plants here and move them to a low-wage state to compete with Mexico. Then, when workers want their jobs back, they will agree to work at a lower wage. I don’t know how that’s helping ... Read more