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Member highlights from the Democratic National Convention

Dennis Williams Speech Judy Calhoun – Region 5 Joe Taylor III – Region 2B Jason Barlow – Region 2B John Bowman — Region 5 UAW members talk TPP  

UAW Delegates Make History at DNC Day 4: Blog

SEE PHOTOS FROM THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION Follow us on Twitter @UAW for Live Updates! 10:00 AM – Video: Bernie Sanders makes it clear: Our work is not done when Election Day ends 8:00 AM – Video: Dennis Williams reminds delegates that “we” can win changes that help all Americans MEET THE UAW DELEGATES TO THE 2016 DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION Check out this roundup of DNC 2016 Day 3

UAW Delegates Get Fired Up at DNC Day 3: Live Blog

SEE PHOTOS FROM THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION Follow us on Twitter @UAW for Live Updates!   11:59 PM — DNC Day 3 Evening Session Roundup Love Trumps Hate at the DNC On a day when Republican nominee Donald Trump once again put his foot in his mouth suggesting Russia eavesdrop on Hillary Clinton, Independent former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg powerfully endorsed Clinton stating to other Independent voters that we “need a President who is a problem solver not a bomb thrower” and that “Donald Trump is a risky, radical choice and we can’t afford to make that choice.” ... Read more

UAW Delegates Feeling Unified on DNC Day 2: Blog

SEE PHOTOS FROM THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION Follow us on Twitter @UAW for Live Updates! 11:59 PM — DNC Day 2 Evening Session Roundup UAW delegates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention were treated Tuesday night to speeches by activists, dignitaries, and even a former United States president. After a roll call vote on the floor of the convention, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, who lost a tough primary to Hillary Clinton, stood in a show of party unity to ask that Hillary Clinton be nominated by acclimation as the Democratic Party’s nominee for president of the United States. Democratic Party ... Read more

UAW Delegates Get Active on DNC Day 1: Live Blog

See Photos from Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention Follow us on Twitter @UAW for Live Updates! 11:30 PM — DNC Night 1: A Message of Unity The first night of the Democratic National Convention was about unity. The prime time speakers laid out the case for the difference between Donald Trump and the types of campaigns Democrats are running across the country. Anastasia Somoza, an advocate for people with disabilities, spoke about how it made her feel when Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter. She gave a stirring speech that repudiated that kind of rude behavior on behalf ... Read more

Philly: The cradle of liberty and a strong, diverse union city hosts the Democratic National Convention

As UAW members who are delegates to the Democratic National Convention make their way to The City of Brotherly Love, it’s an appropriate time to talk about Philadelphia. Or Philly. Or “Phil-delph-ya” in the language of the locals. They do “tawlk” a little funny here. It may be pronounced “wa-ter” elsewhere in the United States, but it’s “wooder” in Philly. As in, “Yo! I’ll have a churry wooder ice, please.” It’s a quirky city with passionate – sometimes too passionate – sports fans, more American history in a square mile than most entire states can boast, and some local eats ... Read more