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Union Beverage Guide

Our UAW members perform some of the most fascinating jobs, but sometimes it surprises us to learn that our members do that!? At Millers-Coors in Milwaukee, WI, members from UAW Region 4, Local 2256 are makers of some of the most delicious American crafted beer you’ll ever drink. Click on our video and learn more about our members at Millers-Coors! UAW Brews MillerCoors Beer! To learn more about our We Are the UAW web series, click on the UAW’s YouTube channel:  www.youtube.com/UAW UNION HOLIDAY BEVERAGE GUIDE Beer ▶ Alexander Keith’s ▶ Bass ▶ Beck’s ▶ Black Hawk ▶ Blue Moon ▶ Budweiser ▶ Bud ... Read more