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The UAW – A Powerful, Needed Voice for 80 Years

Mary Kay Henry I grew up in Michigan, and saw firsthand how the UAW built the nation’s middle class. On many nights while watching the local TV news with my father, I’d often hear him say with pride, “I love the UAW because they tell the truth.” In a world where it was (and still is) easy for corporate CEOs to spend millions promoting their skewed versions about what is good for America, it resonated with me even in my youth to see autoworkers be able to tell their side of the story through their collective voice. In grade school, ... Read more

UAW President Williams’ Statement on the UAW’s 80th Anniversary

Eight decades ago, autoworkers gathered at a downtown Detroit hotel because they were tired of being underpaid, overworked and unnecessarily exposed to hazards on the job. They understood that the only way to improve their lives was to band together if they wanted change. Today, on the 80th anniversary of the UAW’s founding convention, we salute the spirit of solidarity that brought those autoworkers together. Let us always remember that our founders took huge risks, personally, financially, even physically to establish our union. “For 80 years UAW members, joined together, have driven our nation to the greatest middle-class economy in ... Read more