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Todd Dunn, President UAW Local 862:  It is my great honor to present this Resolution before the delegates to the 38th UAW Constitutional Convention. Ron Gettelfinger has served our union with honor and integrity through many years of exemplary service. Ron Gettelfinger has inspired and uplifted us all by his gentle spirit, unwavering encouragement and steadfast perseverance. Throughout his distinguished career, he has remained keenly focused on the well-being of our members and the stability of our union. Therefore, we are proud and honored to bestow upon him, the title of “President Emeritus” of the UAW.


Bernie Ricke, President UAW Local 600:  I am proud and honored to stand before the delegates of the 38th UAW Constitutional Convention and present this resolution.  We, the delegates of the 38th Constitutional Convention wish to extend our greatest appreciation to Rory Gamble for his inspiration and leadership to the members of the UAW. Rory Gamble has served our union with grace, resolve and determination through many years of commendable service. Rory Gamble has set an example as a trailblazer, a courageous leader and unbendable social activist. Throughout his long and historic career, Rory Gamble has remained fiercely committed to ... Read more

Day Four of the Historic 38th UAW Constitutional Convention

On the final day of the 38th UAW Constitutional Convention, delegates voted to reconsider a motion from Day Three that increased UAW strike pay from $400 to $500 per week then subsequently voted to keep strike pay at $400 per week. Previous delegate action made strike pay available on the first day of the strike. “Democracy is a powerful force in our union, and the delegate body has reconsidered its decision of Wednesday,” said UAW President Ray Curry. “Make no mistake – our union remains committed to the right to strike and hold companies accountable as shown by prior increases put ... Read more

Day Three of the Historic 38th UAW Constitutional Convention

Convention delegates heard from Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who thanked the union for its support and for help in making Michigan home to one of the “best workforces ever.” U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, who is from a union home, told the group his support for unions is personal. “I’m a proud union member and the voice for workers in the president’s cabinet. I’m here because a union opened its doors to my immigrant family and me.” The nearly 1,000 delegates unanimously approved language committing to advocating for women’s equity and gender justice, and combating gender-based harassment and violence in ... Read more

UAW Delegates Vote to Increase Strike Pay to $500 Per Week Available on First Day of Strike

DETROIT – On Wednesday, delegates to the UAW’s 38th Constitutional Convention voted to increase strike pay to $500 which would be available on the first day of the strike as a result of action taken earlier in the week.  This follows changes instituted earlier this year by the International Executive Board that increased strike pay for members from $275 per week to $400 per week and eliminated a provision that a member may not receive UAW strike benefits if the member received unemployment benefits. “Today’s increase builds upon the changes implemented by the UAW International Executive Board to strengthen the ... Read more

Day Two of the Historic 38th Constitutional Convention

Delegates attending Day Two of the historic 38th UAW Constitutional Convention heard from Congresswomen Debbie Dingell, a longtime supporter of UAW members and working families. Michigan’s 12th Congressional District Congresswoman reminded members of the union’s rich history and legacy. “The UAW was a  part of putting the world on wheels and you are going to be a critical part as we transform for mobility for the future,” Dingell said. “The history of the UAW is the history of labor and of working men and women in this country.  You must never forget the role that the UAW and labor played in creating the middle ... Read more

First Day of UAW Constitutional Convention Lays the Foundation for a Stronger UAW

Day One of the historic UAW 38th Constitutional Convention ended with the passage of amendments to the UAW Constitution to align the language with the recent referendum on direct elections of the UAW International officers and regional directors. Democracy was in full show as delegates debated resolutions and amendments.  A resolution calling for ranked choice voting was defeated, and members instead adopted runoff elections in the event there is no clear majority winner in elections for UAW International officers or regional directors. Speakers addressing the nearly 1,000 delegates from the U.S. (including Puerto Rico) and Canada included Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, ... Read more